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Business Matchmaking Trade Show

For this SS24 season, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Culture continue to support the Taiwan Textile Federation in organizing the Business Matchmaking Tradeshow Event with Taipei Fashion Week. Global buyers are welcome worldwide to participate in B2B Matchmaking Events, tradeshows, runway shows, and brand VIP activities in Taipei. These platforms aim to assist Taiwanese designers in promoting and increasing business opportunities towards the international fashion supply chain and markets. 為協助臺灣服飾品業者佈建海外行銷通路及提升國際能見度,經濟部與文化部協力搭建時尚產業交流互動商貿平台「服飾品國際買主採購洽談會」,邀請國際重量級買家於臺北時裝週期間來台採購,輔以實體多元的B2B商貿靜態展示、品牌VIP訂貨發布會強化商洽效益,及線上連結設計師品牌資料庫,線上與線下同時曝光協助臺灣品牌開發國際市場。

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