Fashion Show

There are 15 finely selected Taiwan brands in Taipei Fashion Show AW22. It is the continuum of the spirit of sustainability from the previous season. The Fashion Show this season further strengthens the notion of sustainability, and its fashion runway perfectly combines with the styles of all brands, in order to make Taiwan shine and visible globally.


The AW22 collection is going to continue using sustainable design to represent the latest Berlin street fashion. In addition, the brand show of Taipei Fashion Week this year is a crossover collaboration with Uber Eats and Lingjian night market vendors. The immersive stage of the brand show is a night market set, and the design inspiration of the collection is people in the night market. It combines virtual experiences, digital consumption, original music, NFTs, and Taipei nightlife culture to create a cross-generational and trendy fashion show.


The theme of AW22 is legacy, which is a story of how to transform the wisdom which we inherited from ancestors, and those vanishing beauties into the new crafts of our own. People are able to have a new appreciation of the symbolized meaning of texture, and have a further understanding of the significance of cherishment and legacy. The designer of the brand blends knitting into design, and searches for inspirations from the previous collections. What the brand does is to deconstruct the signature blazer, and combine with recycled jeans wear; fully utilizes waste materials to realize sustainability. All these different handmade recycled knitting works have a total transformation. The brand would like to carry out the aesthetic idea of everything coexisting harmoniously, and expressing its nature. We strongly believe that nature and origin are best for all the human beings.

Claudia Wang

In AW22 the theme is the landscape of Taiwan and elements of animals and fairies in order to deliver the beautiful story of the coexistence of Taiwan multiple cultures. The structure of the picture is to present the lines of a map with the pattern of classic plaids and silk scarf to create a whole new printing. The main design of the collection is a cocoon shape and oversize leisure sport style, and a trench coat with T silhouette. It is a neutral design for both men and women, and adds the unique color match of the brand to express the image of chic and functional clothing.

Daniel Wong

The inspiration of the collection is Lochy, who is from Scotland, the hometown of golf. It is the first NFT digital art collection of the brand as well. The background story of Lochy is the muse of the season, and Daniel Wong is going to fully utilize his strength of wild printings to create a comfortable and elegant golf clothing.


AW22 Collections – Interfusion. The AW22 design concept is original noumenon, which indicates infinity originates in nothing, and nothing reaches to infinity. The collection remains the new thoughts of east and west cultures. The sparkle between the two cultures represents works with unique character and style. The main color expressions are black, beige, gray and dark green, and the focus of the clothing is quality and design. From design aspect, the inspiration is life in different perspective, plus the solid original knitting designs as the foundation, the brand always innovates a new design concept through each creation. From craftsmanship aspect, the brand explores the appeal of clothing via great craftsmanship of knitting and weaving.


In AW22, the theme is existence, by exploring the philosophy people with different lives and perspectives to embody the picture of existence of Taiwan collective awareness. From people in traditional market, and night market, part-timers and betel nut sales girls to explore their reason of fighting for life. By exploring different lives of people in Taiwan, the brand represents a Taiwanese beauty and philosophy of life. This season INF particularly works with illustration artists, uses “picture book” as a leading concept, and depicts the life stories in Taiwan by creating stories in a picture book. What is existence? We are able to have the answer via paper books, such as tool books, novels, and magazines, and these all prove the existence of the author himself or the characters in books. Paper books unlike electronic data which are editable, therefore, the inspiration of the design in this season is book and its extensive things, such as pages in a book, bookmarks, stacking and folding of papers. Each of these elements is going to be expressed by clothing patterns, and the content of the picture book which collaborated with artists is going to transform into fashion printings with multiple colors. It is truly a fashion feast with a combination of books, cultures and fashion.

Liyu Tsai

The AW22 collection brings us back to the life image we are familiar with. We capture some fragments of memories with a unique vision, and combine with elements of nature of Art Nouveau; such as totems of flowers and free flying birds. We reinterpret classic clothes with smooth and rhythmic lines. The brand represents decorating arts with handmade crafts, celebrates nature with fresh and light colors, and uses simple lines on clothing to simplify complexity. We use imagination to connect stories to our creations. The brand broadly utilizes all sorts of materials, such as cotton, silk cotton chiffon, wool, and graphene. In addition, it uses good quality of recycled eco-friendly materials in Taiwan, and from a designer's perspective, these classic fabrics are gone through the process of redoing patchwork, improvement, and creation. It can be interpreted as the rebirth of old stuff. The brand modernizes classic elements with different approaches to provide new interpretations. This collection is an action of supporting circular fashion, and creates a vision of realizing environmental protection and sustainability.


AW22 theme is “space-time”, which is an exploration of a hidden agenda that different consequences are from different chosen decisions in hexagram in Book of Changes. It is like the case of messages from different space-time coordinates in a parallel universe. Each line is a representation of a change point under each different choice. Parallels can be the ones on the same surface, or in a three-dimensional space. There are Yin and Yang in each slice of space-time, and they are known as Tai Chi as well. However, each choice has its own aura and it diffuses like a smudging effect on an ink painting, or an all aspects three-dimensional diffusion. It is a concept of extension and adherence, like a substituted cyborg, or an attached pocket on clothes. Ultimately, we have to destroy in order to deconstruct the possibility caused by undermining structures, and return to each slice of space-time mentioned in Book of Changes. The definition of cyborg is more like a clearness in a chaos, and the truth search of uncertainty.


PROJECTbyH. AW22 : [Let Go] Put down, release, subtract, and let go.
The AW22 collection extends the introspection that PROJECTbyH. has always been having for clothing philosophy. It is an exploration that combines both life experience and fine craftsmanship. The perspective of this collection is taken back to the origin by reinterpreting the works in the past. Patterns are revised, and new meanings are given. Left-over fabrics that were saved throughout the years of production were up-cycled and patched together to become a new one. Despite that, the entire collection is made of natural materials only, as always, such as cotton, linen, selvage denim, wool, full-fashioned handmade knits, and so on, and finished with natural fabric dyes such as ink, onion wraps, tea leaves, etc.


The design of AW22 collection stems from the new cultural concept of Cyber Punk. It suggests there is an anti-utopia world because of extremely suppressed and twisted human nature under the development of high technology. It is a metaphor of a vague relationship between real human beings and androids in an approaching future virtual world. There will be many social chaos in a future world, and people are distinguished different classes, different colors symbolize different hierarchies. It becomes class struggle eventually, and some people confront it. It is the inspiration of the Cyber Punk collection, and the brand utilizes the elements of justice characters, such as bounty hunters, warriors, and armours and combines with military, technology, science and a sense of future, in order to create a high function clothing collection. The focus of the design includes multiple pockets, ribbons, patchwork of different materials, zippers as cutting seams, and the multi-layered long neck hoodie. In order to express the Apocalypse of Cyber Punk, we add tent shaped clothing to symbolize that human beings and homes become one, and a home moves as human moves.


The AW22 design concept is“Power of Women”, and aims to return all the credits to pattern makers, sample makers, and tailors working with the brand and a group of remarkable women as well. Each of their name is going to be placed in all sorts of details via embroidery, transfer printing and printing.The plain weaving part of AW22 collection continues using Taiwan made fabrics to show our great support. In addition, we invited individual female crafts to hand knit each knitting piece in the collection by using wools. These small quantity of hand weaving and knitting works show great sophistication and craftsmanship. Bag accessory is a collaboration with “Do+Think”. We work with a group of women in their fifties and develop handmade products together. Each of them shares different version of dilemma and life battle, we hope to promote self-value via self-realization, and work for the brand together. From clothes, knitting works and accessories, many female crafts with dreams involve in the design and production of Yentity AW22. It is apparent that the collection of the season is more human because of their effort and dedication.