Young Talent-Student Show

Young Talent-Student Show is a collaboration between Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education to build up a stage with international standard for students with design major. There are two Young Talent- Student Shows this time, and they contain works of students from four different universities. It is a feast combining vision and hearing with variety and profoundness. It is an opportunity for the next generation in Taiwan expressing their relentless creativity and passion.

Shu-Te University

The Department of Fashion Design was founded in 1998, and it is the first department of a holistic costume design in Taiwan. The graduates of fashion design not only have an ability of creating and applying fashion design, but they have a great expectation of themselves becoming a Taiwan local designer with an international vision.

For AW22 Young Talent-Student Show, the LUMINANCE collection is a crossover exhibition with Department of E-sports and E-entertainment Science. The exhibition uses interaction technology in catwalk, and presenting the result of integrating different areas. It makes catwalk more interactive, innovative, and improving. It is also a cross- domain integration performance that industry has been expecting.

Fu Jen University

The College of Fashion & Textiles at Fu Jen Catholic University is a fashion academy with a holistic connection with the globe and industry. It just reaches its 52-year history of outstanding achievements, and cultivates numerous talents of Taiwan fashion industry with vision and global competitiveness. The concept of the show, "AT ONCE," is inspired by the rapid changes of the pandemic era that marks a moment in our life by the art of fashion. The whole narrative starts from the "Age of Chaos'', with the combination of visual art and clothing, the result is to represent the change of the pandemic and chaotic time. Next phase "Fashion Reflection" extends the creativity of multiple colors and cultures to express students' philosophical thoughts of contemporary fashion art and changes of environment. The final phase "Future Imagination'' is a collection with crossover concept. It represents that the value of Taiwan culture co-exists with the contemporary value of diversity, then extends to a bold and visionary imagination of the future.“At Once” is a show demonstrating the multiple possibilities of fashion creativity with a contemporary perspective. It delivers the message of seizing the moment and planning for the future. It is a show to demonstrate the innovation and relentless energy of Taiwan fashion design students.

Shih Chien University

Shih Chien University is the first university in Taiwan to establish a higher education in fashion design and is now in its 64th year of operation. This show is composed of works from the Department of Fashion Design in Taipei campus, the Department of Fashion Design and Merchandising, and the Department of Fashion Styling & Design Communication, in Kaohsiung Campus. This years show is based around the theme “UNBOUNDED FUTURES” and demonstrates the distinctive characteristic of each department through 50 carefully selected outfits. Identity is important and each student is a unique individual with their own diverse style and impression. Their design work reflects their exploration of this identity and their journey to discovery that extends far beyond reality. Presented in three chapters (ENDLESS SPECTRUM / FUSHION / i’ll X ), this show will immerse you in a novel journey to find new perspectives on the fashion relationship that is, people and their clothing. In the exploration of this infinite journey, we hope to create a hub that can help the students realize their dreams whilst delivering the innovation of the next generation.

Ling Tung University

Ling Tung University College of Fashion is devoted to cultivating talents with the abilities of practical professional skills, information application, marketing communication, creative thinking, and international perspectives. It is the best school which nurtures the essential force of the fashion industry among the national technical and vocational education units. The theme of this show is “Filter Creator”, which means through the creativity filters, the interpretation of each work leads the viewers to experience the diverse charisma of fashion, and deliver unique visual effects which re-guide us to face the new world of fashion in this post pandemic era.