Taipei Sustainable Collection

Clothing is a carrier of our society and culture. Fashion designers are the observers of the contemporary aesthetics, and they create all sorts of stunning garments with diversity after analyzing and interpreting. We have reached to the second decade of the 21st century, and more and more people appreciate the beauty of nature, and make a great effort with preserving the precious resources of the earth in every possible way. As the bellwether of the trend, fashion industry has the drive equaling to the technology industry, it is obvious when big Taiwan textile companies continuously invent revolutionary new eco-friendly fabrics and provide them to global designers with the ambition of sustainable fashion. Taiwan fashion designers take the advantage of convenient location, and make Taipei Fashion Week on the top position of global sustainable fashion.

Six brands are going to participate in the AW22 opening show. Although each of them shares different date of establishment, now they are on the same path of sustainability. Each designer sees the beauty of Taiwan from his own perspective, and embraces all sorts of wastes produced from Taiwan. oqLiq works with Everest Textile Co., Ltd., and utilizes the functional fabrics which are reproduced from oyster shell, fish scales, and recycled fishnet, to give a concept of oriental minimal silhouette and street fashion, and eventually come up with a new piece with both zen and coolness. DYCTEAM and Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd. work with local fishermen to produce the eco-friendly fabrics from recycled waste oyster ropes and its dyeing process. People are able to re-examine the relationship between themselves and nature when they wear this type of clothes. TSUNG YU CHAN even found the world first eco-friendly fabric made of exhaust, and it is produced by Far Eastern New Century Corporation. This fabric applies the mature technology of “carbon capture” to collect a big volume of carbon monoxide from steel mills, and produce a strong sustainable material with third dimension.

There is a broad definition of sustainable fashion, the key is to be cautious of not bringing extra burden for the earth while making an innovation or creation. UUIN works with Eclat Textile Co, Ltd., and applies a non-chemical approach to arrange the structure of knitting and yarn, and represents the beautiful scenery of green square paddy fields in East Rift Valley effortlessly. C JEAN teams up with New Wide Enterprise Co., LTD., and uses bio-polyester from plants to replace petrochemical raw materials, and substantially decreases the use volume of petroleum, eventually becomes a recyclable single ingredient polyester. WEAVISM is a subsidiary of Her Min Textile Co., Ltd. had already launched WEAVISMEco collection which were all made of eco-friendly sustainable fabrics in 2020 AW. In AW22, the whole collection collaborates with Li Peng Enterprise Co. Ltd., and applies the technique of ReEcoya, an eco-friendly solution dyed approach, in order to save more water resource and produce less carbon emission. The design director of the brand, Tony Chen, had been invited to be the speaker of “Responsible Fashion Forum” at the biggest fashion exhibition in the U.S. in 2020, and shared Taiwan experience with fashion professionals from many countries. It can be expected that more and more designers from Taiwan are able to shine internationally with their capability of sustainable fashion, and create a wonderful vision of common good, since their starting point is Taipei Fashion Week.

C JEAN、DYC TEAM、oqLiq、TSUNG YU CHAN、UUIN、WEAVISM 織本主義 (Brands listed in alphabetical order)