Taipei Fashion Week Select Shop is available now! From February 1st 2022 to March 31st 2022, and it is a collaboration with Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store, a great supporter of Taiwan cultural and creative design. The select shop owns a unique style, and provides a sales platform for Taiwan designer brands directly facing consumer market. There are events of brand day as well. We sincerely invite you to join us and have a great experience.

40 designer brands of apparels and accessories are finely selected. Each product's material and design owns a unique spirit representing designer's strong belief. Most of the brands in this season greatly support the idea of sustainability. They broadly utilize eco-friendly yarn, sustainable function fabrics, and natural plant dyes. Or they use recycled fabrics or materials to have all sorts of interpretation or expression. Their angles contain the depiction of Taiwan human cultural traditions, exotic culture, and different fashion topics. Designers express them with their unique insights and sophisticated crafts. You are able to obtain a design piece which is most suitable for you in the shop, no matter what style you look for. You can feel the great charm of fashion in the select shop.