A graduate of the London College of Fashion -MA Fashion Design Technology (Womenswear), Chun-Yuan Jean specializes in exploring various environmental issues through her clothing, reflecting the profound connection between life and nature via an elegant, quiet and unrestrained approach to tailoring. In addition to the premium fashion collection, the brand has also invested in the development of sustainable pieces and launched a limited collection of natural dyed (plant- dyed) artisanal garments. The bespoke collection has also received the great support of artists and celebrities.


FLY is the core figure of the DYCTEAM brand, leading the brand through its tenth year with great enthusiasm and dedication. He continues to infuse observations of life into clothing planning, in order to present a daily look filled with details. DYCTEAM has its own uniqueness and believes in details. For the past 6 seasons, the brand has been bringing eco-friendly and sustainable materials to its designs. In addition, the brand was the winner of 2021 Golden Pin Design Award. Although FLY has no background in fashion design, but he breaks the frame and conveys more diversified design concepts and perspectives and bring more surprises and positive energy collections every season.


oqLiq is a premium function clothing brand founded by Taiwan designers, Qi Hong, and Jia Hao Lin. After accumulating all the experiences in clothing industry for 10 years, oqLiq has evolved its own design language based upon Asian street fashion, and combined the advantage of development of Taiwan textile in global clothing supply chain. The aesthetic of oqLiq is a combination of oriental simplicity and the concept of street fashion, redefines the form of outdoor function clothing.


TSUNG YU CHAN is a clothing designer brand, it was founded by the designer, Joe Chan in 2016. He was graduated from ECOLE DE LA CHAMBRE SYNDICALE DE LA COUTURE PARISIENNE, and accumulated design experience in a French new emerging female clothing brand, KOCHÉ. Joe Chan combines his learning and working experience of French clothing with Taiwan textile and craftsmanship. He has great passion for premium clothing, street style and modern art. It enables him to create a new modern mix and match street fashion, and all of his favorite elements are expressed in design detail. It delivers clothing with design and wearability eventually. The origin of the brand is street fashion, and uses many obvious patchworks and pattern deconstruction to create a unique silhouette. The brand emphasizes the design detail and multi-layers of stereoscopic sense via colors with high brightness. The side collection line #C16 Series has been launching since 2020. The objective of the collection is to develop a daily wear with high wearability and appreciation through pieces which are closer to daily life and combining creative design detail.


UUIN is a brand founded by Tzutsao Liu, a well-known concert costume designer, Andrea Liu, a premium female clothing designer, and Van Lin, an innovative function clothing designer. This brand is a combination of these three members' letters of their surnames. It attempts to provide consumers clothing detail with fun and sophistication, in addition, the body art with simplicity and comfortability. This brand has crossed generation collaboration, young and fearless voice and solid legacy of craftsmanship. It is a powerful triangle combination. All UUIN designs are from the life in local Taiwan. The principle of the brand creation is that “life is an art”, by working with Taiwan local craftsmen and artists, it is able to develop products with their own unique local life aesthetics.


Tony Chen was graduated from Pennsylvania State University in the U.S. He became a project manager at Her Min Textile Co., Ltd. which is his family owned business, when he came back to Taiwan. Tony developed a huge interest in clothing while he was in this position. He founded WEAVISM in 2014. The design team of the brand WEAVISM is led by Tony Chen, the director. The members of the team include Wei Hao Gan, whose expertise is pattern deconstruction, and Yu Jie Hou, who had been an intern at Louis Vuitton, Paris. Tony Chen expects the whole world to be able to recognize the capability of Taiwan textiles through this brand, and promote Taiwan design and culture at the same time.He launched the collection of Milk Fish Market at Eslite Songshan in 2018. This collection makes Taiwan milk fish a global phenomenon. There were milk fish bags in Paris, New York and London Fashion Week. The brand was invited to participate Taipei Fashion Week in 2019, and delivered a fashion show with a theme of “daily life”, eventually received a very positive response globally as well. Le Bon Marche is a boutique department store in Paris, Lucas, the male clothing merchandiser was impressed by the arrangement of the show. In addition, the merchandising manager of Dover Street Market, Takayuki Ishibe was amazed by the impressive design of WEAVISM.


High-End Streetwear label #DAMUR was founded in 2015 by Damur Huang in Berlin. Strong color contrast, bold finishing, asymmetrical details, and sophisticated textile choices present the character of the brand and Berlin city - Sexy, Fun and Adventurous.


Jean Hsia founded the brand AISH in 2020. The focus of the brand is haute couture, and it finely selects fabrics from Italy, Japan and U.K., and makes suits and vests by hand sewing. It is a brand with a unique appeal of 100% handmade, and interprets uniqueness with details, and emphasizes attitude with specific tailoring. AISH represents a whole new form of magnificence and elegance with a combining creation spirit of a traditional and handmade craftsmanship.

Claudia Wang

Claudia Wang was born in France, and has been indulging in arts since childhood. She obtained her bachelor's degree of fashion design at Shih Chien University, and master's degree of Interaction Design at National Taipei University of Technology. Claudia Wang had involved in all sorts of jobs in fashion industry since she was a student. She has been being in clothing design proactively since 2018, and had been an intern at the editing department of ELLE Taiwan. She was the designer of the Taiwan fashion designer brand Daniel Wong. Claudia Wang founded her own namesake brand in 2020. She has participated 3 seasons of Taipei Fashion Week in 2020 and 2021.Her strength is applying aesthetics and virtual technology to clothing design. The DNA of the brand has always been various of vibrant colors, and they are often represented in an innovative visual effects. It causes an impact on fashion design industry.

Daniel Wong

Daniel Wong had worked in a prestigious designer brand, Alexander McQueen, and was a chief visual designer of Versace. He founded his namesake brand in 2014, and participated Shanghai Fashion Week in 2017. Daniel Wong's strength is his creative skill of piling printings, and presenting the fashion creativity of the harmonic coexistence of classic and avant garde by peculiar misplacement, layering patchworks. It eventually subtly creates a new form of fashion printing.


Gioia PAN Yiliang is among the very few global designers that specializes in knitting fashion. With knitting techniques as common threads, GIOIA PAN collections emphasize both textures and designs. Her originality interfuses elegant, retro, romantic, and classy styles. Gioia has the expertise of depicting simple and clean outlines of perfect contours with the pendulous and elastic characteristics of knitting.


INF is a brand with a strength of structuring and tailoring. It is a brand with the combination of life, culture and fashion by representing neat and sophisticated line. INF aims to create clothing with aesthetic value by treating clothing as a carrier to express our cultural heritage.

Liyu Tsai

Li Yu Tsai, the design director of the brand Liyu Tsai has been always insisting on creating exquisite clothing for women, and having a mission of improving Taiwan people’s wearing. She founded the brand of Liyu Tsai in August 1996, with her unique sensibility, intellectuality and taste; the persistence of fine craftsmanship and detail of materials, in order to deliver the brand spirit of “sophistication, fashion, and elegance”. The inspiration of the brand is the multiple experiences of life, and provides an extraordinary interpretation of fashion through each stage of clothes making process.


oqLiq is a premium function clothing brand founded by Taiwan designers, Qi Hong, and Jia Hao Lin. After accumulating all the experiences in clothing industry for 10 years, oqLiq has evolved its own design language based upon Asian street fashion, and combined the advantage of development of Taiwan textile in global clothing supply chain. The aesthetic of oqLiq is a combination of oriental simplicity and the concept of street fashion, redefines the form of outdoor function clothing.


March 2013, New York – The founders of PROJECTbyH., Henry Lee and Naomi Zhao, met during their penultimate year at Parsons School of Design. Quickly realizing their mutual taste in clothing, the couple found themselves sharing their philosophical beliefs and the entire wardrobe. With this, a seed was planted, and an idea was embodied.
After completing their studies at Parsons, the duo used clothing as a medium to break stereotypes, status quo, boundaries of age, gender, race, and other such labels. The creation of PROJECTbyH. soon followed.
Pursuing the ultimate handmade craftsmanship, the founders of PROJECTbyH. kept on introspecting the significance and meaning of clothing, beholding the core concept of "human anatomy." The founders emphasized the nature of clothing creation, thus compelling the duo to create garments composed of entirely natural materials made organic and artisanal.


The brand Seivson is a combination of two French words “Nos” (we) and “Vies” (life), it indicates “our life”. Seivson contains an expectation that the clothing we design is the one for our daily life demands. The core quality of our products is providing multiple matching ways. Seivson contains a spirit of treating life with a whole new angle. We expect to bring a brand new energy to female wear in Taiwan, and have more customers with different backgrounds be able to appreciate fashion design.


Ting Yen Tung was graduated from University of the Arts London, in the U.K, in 2018. She was qualified for a runway show of LCF Selected Fashion Show in London College of Fashion. Her brand Yentity released her first autumn winter collection“Cold Room”in 2019, and was on Vogue British.

Jar-Ping, Liao (JPL)

JPL is a menswear brand based in Keelung, Taiwan. Its origin is an experimental project called“by Jar Ping Liao”, when the founder was in college back in 2017. The project utilized the notion of archive to file all the works he did at university. JPL presented the first collection in Taipei Fashion Week SS22 Young Talent Show, and began to run as a brand afterwards. The spirit of the brand is presenting clothing with a simplest neutral concept, and a practical total look which is delivered by an experimental concept. The whole design has a great relevance to the designer's life and experience inspired by films, music, and literature.


The core of HORSE LAI's design is neutral and layered wears, and it aims to break the stereotype of binary gender clothing with neat cuttings and simple lines. The brand is an advocate of free mix and match, and detachable designs. It presents items with high quality and practicality for daily wear, and encourages everyone to be a costume designer for himself/herself. The brand consistently focuses on neutral design, and there are elements of deconstruction and spirits of experiment in its clothing detail and cutting. It utilizes geometric lines and a design concept of removability and combination to have a piece of two dimentional clothes achieve to be multi-layered and multi-wearable. The brand expects to design different items with more functions and changes, ultimately delivers a collection with diversity and variety via patchworks of different materials.


WEI.TZU-YUAN is a brand and a studio as well. It experiments with different materials and structures of patterns. It raises a question of clothing from a different perspective. In addition to participating in the clothing series of Taipei Fashion Week, the brand has presented collections in New York, Prague, Moscow, Wellington, Bangkok, and Minjiang. The design scope includes commercials, music videos, ceremonies, stage plays, makeup and hairstyle shows, dresses, and uniforms. In addition, the brand involves in the development, production and lease of hats, bags, and accessories.

Xinyi Yu

Taiwanese designer Xinyi Yu founded her fashion brand “Xinyi Yu” in 2020. In the same year, her brand was shortlisted in the Taiwan Fashion Design Award. Her works were shown in the Taipei Fashion Week.

Xinyi Yu has a broad perspective and believes that design is a process of continuous trials and innovations. She combines extraordinary pattern designs with the practicality of clothing to create her own unique style. She gives the person wearing her clothes charisma and strength, to be courageous expressing himself.