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Fiber Weaving 纖維編織 鍾瓊儀 x 8=D 張亞詰+李嘉泉

The Design Inspired by Ju Ming’s Sculpture “Line Up” The current world is undergoing a process of reordering and rearranging as people start to coexist with the virus and slowly return to normalcy. People are resuming their lives, similar yet different. The word “line” in English has two meanings: “thread,” which fundamentally constructs fabric and clothing, and “arrangement.” The series uses various threads to weave and interlace perforated fabrics. Through the interaction and fusion between thread and cloth, the work transforms common clothing structures, metaphorically representing how our lives continue with virus in our body after diagnosis. “Line up” in English means “to queue.” The act of queuing is a daily manifestation of communal living. Meanwhile, the word can also be seen as the elevation (“up”) of thread (“line”). Just like the various fiber crafts of Mee. Textile, the artist Eileen Zhong applies her expertise in fiber art to different aspects of life, giving an added layer of value to the threads. This collaboration weaves the beauty of knitting and yarn into clothing, creating different looks and visuals.

Regarding the clothing design, we incorporate many formal styles with large cut-outs on the back and combine shirt collars with ties to replace whole shirts. The abundant use of perforated fabrics symbolizes human vulnerability and how outside factors may influence us through mental or physical holes of our body. Materials often used by the artist, such as raffia, paper thread, wool thread, and golden glittering thread, are directly woven into the fabric through various techniques, which is distinct from using weaving machines and highlights the artist’s mastery and application of threads.

In terms of color, we draw inspiration from the statue “Line Up” by the renowned Taiwanese sculptor Ju Ming. This artwork freezes the diverse appearances of ten people queuing up into art pieces, through which we aim to convey that these seemingly ordinary daily moments are worth cherishing and collecting.
服裝靈感來源是 “LINE UP”


「Line」也是「線」與「排列」的英文,線是構成布料與服裝的初始。此系列利用多種有洞的布料,將各種線材透過編織、穿梭嵌入布料中,讓紗線與布料產生各種互動與融合,讓各種常見的服裝結構產生了變化隱喻了如今在確診後,帶著病毒與之共存的身體繼續生活Line up是「排隊」的英文,排隊的行為也是種群居的日常生活體現,但也可以看做線(line)的提升(up),也就如糸島織物的各種纖維工藝,工藝家鍾瓊儀將擅長的纖維藝術運用到生活各個層面的創作與推廣,賦予線材更上一層的價值,此次我們一同將編織與紗線的美感一條一條植入服裝中,使服裝產生不同的樣貌與畫面。服裝設計輪廓我們將許多正裝款式做出背部大挖空,或用襯衫領子結合領帶來取代整件襯衫,再加上此次用大量洞洞布料來隱喻人類的脆弱與有著破口能讓許多不同的事物影響著我們,利用工藝家常使用的拉菲草線、紙線、毛線、金蔥線等,用各種不同手法直接在布料中編織,不同如以往用織布機的織布手法,更看得出藝術家對線材的掌握與運用程度。


Ya-Jie Zhang & Jia-Quan Li 張亞詰 & 李嘉泉

The fashion brand 8=D was officially established in 2023 by two fashion designers with different specialties, Jia-Quan Li and Ya-Jie Zhang. They have merged their years of experience in clothing customization and design to create a brand that explores limitless possibilities in fashion.

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服裝品牌8=D正式成立於2023,由兩位不同專長的服裝設計師 李嘉泉與張亞詰共同創立,將累積多年的服裝訂製與設計經驗整 合,創造服裝更多的無限可能性。


Eileen Zhong 鍾瓊儀

Fiber artist Eileen Zhong specializes in using various materials such as threads, hair, wool felt, fabrics, and more, employing techniques like weaving, knitting, knotting, stitching, felting, and patchwork to express her artistic concepts. She uses fibers to document life situations, capture the dynamics of self and interpersonal relationships, and engage in dialogues between individuals and society. In doing so, she seamlessly integrates art into everyday life, making it a tangible and integral part of our existence.

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纖維藝術家鍾瓊儀,擅長將線材、髮絲、 羊毛氈、布料等等,加以織、編、結、刺、氈、拼布等技法,來呈現其創作理念。她用纖維紀錄生活狀態,再現自我及人際關係的互動,他人與社會之間的對話 ,把藝術無形中帶入生活中。


Season Collections

Bamboo Craft 竹工藝 林靖格 x ALLENKO3 柯瑋倫

ALLENKO3 regards their clothing as a bridge to connect traditional craftmanship and contemporary art, showcasing the inclusivity of fashion and the innovation of Ching Ke Lin’s bamboo artistry. “Heart of Weaving,” the first work of this series, features simple designs and natural colors, showcasing the focus of this collaboration: placing the self at the center and designing clothing as flexible as bamboo. Then, the last piece of work “Cloud and Mist” will forcefully break the silhouette of clothing, extending and expanding outward.

The entire series progresses systematically, transitioning in color from natural bamboo tones to black, and in fabrics from lightweight to heavyweight. This presentation reflects the passage of time and the malleability in art between these two materials. The boundary between fabric and bamboo is deliberately blurred as a way to allow the audience to shed preconceived notions. In terms of style, unique ways of wearing are created to demonstrate the capacity for artistic expression.



ALLENKO3 is an experimental laboratory that breaks the boundaries of the body. The "3" represents the combination of cultural issues, functional elements, and deconstructionism. The team is composed of both rational and emotional individuals who continually explore avant-garde elements within themselves and human bodies. The brand incorporates anatomy into fashion, experiments with primitive patterns such as skeletons and muscles, and uses functional materials as a new understanding of anatomical techniques, all while exploring the boundaries between body and clothing.

The brand is dedicated to providing functional clothing that not only serves a practical purpose but also evokes a sense of sensibility. It transforms deconstructed functional styles into symbols. Additionally, the brand explores the potential for art in clothing, creating complete installation art collections and interdisciplinary art exhibition events, thereby increasing the visibility of avant-garde styles in Taiwan.

For custom orders or collaboration, please contact:
ALLENKO3 是一個打破身體界線的實驗室,3 代表著文化議題、機能元素、解構主義的結合,團隊由理性與感性的朋友們組成,我們不斷往自己、人體身上尋找前衛元素,將解剖學融入時裝中,不斷實驗骨骼、肌肉等原始版型,搭配機能副料當作解剖手法的全新理解,探討身體與服裝的內外界線。



Ching Ke Lin 林靖格

​The artist Ching Ke Lin, known for his bamboo craft artistry, has been continuously delving into the land to explore the commonality between humans and bamboo. He refines his own creative vocabulary within the pure natural principles. Inspired by bamboo's qualities of both resilience and flexibility, which carry profound life philosophies, creative potential, and cultural craftsmanship transcending time and space, Lin immerses himself in the forests with the innocence of a child's playful heart to appreciate the ever-changing world of bamboo. Through unrestricted design thinking, experimentation, and practical application, Lin strives to maintain a three-dimensional perspective on the industry's present and past. He aims to dissolve the barriers between people, people and bamboo, and time and space, breaking free from traditional perceptions of bamboo and establishing a contemporary outlook.

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竹工藝藝術家林靖格,至今持續深入土地,探尋人與竹的共通性,在純粹的自然法則中提煉屬於自己的創作語彙。 有感於竹以既堅韌又具彈性的包容力乘載著人類超越時空的生命哲理、創造潛能和技藝文化,林靖格透過身體力行走入山林,以赤子般的遊戲之心領略竹世界變化萬千。 不設限的設計思考、試驗和實作中,林靖格期許自己持續以更立體的視角俯瞰產業的現在與過去,消融人與人、人與竹、時間與空間的隔閡,大破竹的傳統形象,大立竹的當代風貌。


Season Collections

Metal Craft 金工 蘇小夢 x JAMIE WEI HUANG 黃薇

When a Fashion Designer with Pure Art Background Encounters the Artist Dream Shu

” Blue Collection “ from the Capsule collection draws inspiration from the elements of artist Dream Shu’s metalwork, particularly the ones in the technique of openwork metal wire weaving. The series originates from the interwoven steel wire found in the artist’s artworks, which strike a balance between the lightweight flexibility and rigid forms.

JAMIE WEI HUANG once again applies the craftsmanship and its spirit to contemporary fashion creation. In this nearly entirely handmade collection, she combines the process of making haute couture clothing with metalwork craftsmanship. Through metal weaving, casting, heat treatment and the intricate blue pattern resembling water, she carves out soft yet resolute silhouettes.

By using blue-striped jacquard knit fabrics and aluminum wire threads, organic forms repeatedly emerge in the framed positive and negative spaces. The hand-sewn aluminum wire, one the other hand, creates outer contours on extremely lightweight fabrics. The soft and resolute shapes, reminiscent of water, are the visual impact brought out by the Blue Collection. The combination of Dream Su’s hand-forged irregular tin beads with woolen suits and smooth knitted fabrics creates a contrasting aesthetic of materials.
Capsule collection 取名” Blue Collection “ 取材於藝術家蘇小夢的金工創作元素,勾織摟空的金屬編織藝術為靈感發想。


JAMIE WEI HUANG 再次將工藝創作過程與精神應用於當代服裝創作。在幾乎全手工打造的系列裡,以高級訂製的製作過程結合金工工藝。在金屬編織、鑄造、火、與似水的藍色紋路中刻畫出柔軟而堅毅的輪廓。

以藍色條紋提花針織與鋁線貫穿,有機形體在匡列出的正負面空間反覆出現,全手工縫製的金屬鋁線材料,在極輕薄的布料上畫出外輪廓線。如水ㄧ般的柔軟與堅毅的型態是Blue Collection 在材料上帶出的視覺衝擊。



JAMIE WEI HUANG, graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London with a focus on women's fashion. During her studies, she interned with top British designers Alexander McQueen and Christopher Kane. She also worked as a costume designer and producer for the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. In 2013, Jamie Wei Huang won the "DESIGNER FOR TOMORROW" international fashion competition in Berlin, with Stella McCartney as the chairwoman of the competition. Encouraged by this achievement, she founded her eponymous brand, Jamie Wei Huang. Her debut collection garnered widespread attention and acclaim. In 2014, she secured the top prize at the "ELLE NEW TALENT AWARD" for emerging designers in Taiwan. The following year, she was selected by Italian Vogue for the "VOGUE ITALY TALENT AWARD". Her brand's early creations caught the eye of celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Kelly Rowland, propelling her to international fame.

For custom orders or collaboration, please contact:
AMIE WEI HUANG黃薇,畢業於世界頂尖的英國倫敦聖馬汀學院女裝,在學期間實習於英國頂尖設計師 Alexander McQueen 與 Christopher Kane,曾擔任 2012 年倫敦奧運閉幕服裝師與製作。2013 贏得柏林國際服裝大獎「DESIGNER FOR TOMORROW」明日設計師大賽,並在當時的主席 Stella McCartney 與大賽的鼓勵下創立 Jamie Wei Huang 同名品牌,初試啼聲即驚豔四座。2014 年拿下臺灣新銳設計師大獎「ELLE NEW TALENT AWARD」冠軍,隔年再度入選義大利版「VOGUE ITALY TALENT AWARD」,品牌作品早期被 Lady Gaga 以及Kelly Rowland等名人相中並數度露出,使她聞名全球。


Sumee Su 蘇小夢

Dream Su was born in an artistic family, with her father being a renowned ceramic artist in Taiwan and her mother being a painter. Growing up in this artistic environment, she not only cultivated a deep appreciation for the arts but also became the youngest national master craftsman in the field of metalwork in Taiwan. She specializes in gold and silver filigree work (known as "liu si" in Chinese) as well as the use of stainless steel wire. She employs weaving techniques to twist and then weld or fuse metal wires, transforming the rigid nature of metal into lively and dynamic lines in her artwork.

For custom orders or collaboration, please contact:
蘇小夢出生於藝術世家,父親為國內知名陶藝家,母親則為畫家。 蘇小夢自小耳濡目染,不僅孕育出一身的藝術涵養,更成為臺灣金工界最年輕的國家工藝師,擅長金銀細工(柳絲)以及不繡鋼線的使用,以編織的手法將金屬線扭轉再予以焊接或熔接,將冷硬的金屬勾出生動的線條。


Season Collections

Stone Art 石藝 邱創用 x 陳劭彥

The “RAW” series is in collaboration with the stone artist Chiu Chuang-Yong. Inspired by his stone sculptures transitioned from flat stone mosaic artworks (Posi Art), we aim to celebrate the beauty of stone materials. The series is divided into three main parts. The first part features Chiu’s stone chip craftsmanship combined with fashion elements. Various stone materials are manually hammered to create different textures which resemble knitting patterns. The totems, such as the snake and the apple, are formed by assembling stones, evoking images of the Book of Genesis and adding a mythical dimension to the entire series. The second part of the series uses stone-washed denim fabric as the primary material to showcase a natural mineral-like texture and three-dimensional clothing shapes. The last part utilizes plastic rope weaving techniques to create fur-like textures. The materials are then sculpted into organic three-dimensional forms appearing as unfinished stone carvings, which echoes the theme of primitiveness. The overall tone of this series is rock gray, decorated with bright colors often seen in minerals or gemstones. Through various craftsmanship techniques, we highlight the characteristics and malleability of stone art. Starting from small grains or crushed stones and gradually extending to larger stone blocks, the series allows us to return to the essence and explore the nature of materials and clothing. 本次「璞」(RAW)系列與石藝家邱創用老師合作,以他由平面碎石拼貼畫(璞石畫)延伸至立體石雕的作品為靈感,希望藉此讚頌石材之美。整個系列分為三大部分:第一部分以邱老師的石片工藝技術為主要元素,結合時裝,將多種石材以手工敲打成不同的圖紋,表現如針織般的質地,而由石材拼接成的圖騰,例如蛇和蘋果,具有創世紀的意象,也為整個系列增添神話寓意。第二部分以石洗丹寧布為主要素材,呈現天然礦石般的質地與立體造型服裝。第三部分採用塑膠繩編織工藝,創造出皮草般的質地後,再形塑出石雕般的有機立體造型,有如未完成之雕塑,也呼應主題的原始感。整體色調以岩石的灰色調為主,再加入礦物或寶石中的亮色系點綴。藉由不同工藝手法呈現石藝的特性和可塑性,從細小的砂或碎石,逐漸延伸至大石塊,返璞歸真,探索材質及服裝的本質。

Chen Shao-Yen 陳劭彥

Chen Shao-Yen graduated from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London with a degree in textile and fashion design. In 2010, he founded his eponymous brand, SHAO YEN. His work places a strong emphasis on the fusion of culture, craftsmanship, and creativity. He is skilled at utilizing diverse materials and challenging new clothing structures. Chen Shao-Yen has participated in numerous fashion events, including London and Paris Fashion Weeks, and has gained international exposure at significant fashion exhibitions. He has also created clothing styles for artists such as Bjork, Shu Qi, Jolin Tsai, as well as costume designs for Cloud Gate Dance Theater.

For custom orders or collaboration, please contact:
陳劭彥畢業於英國中央聖馬丁藝術設計學院織品服裝設計研究所,2010年成立同名品牌SHAO YEN,作品著重與文化、工藝及創意的結合,擅長運用異材質,並挑戰新的服裝結構。曾多次參與倫敦及 巴黎時裝週, 並在國際重要時尚展演曝光,也曾為冰島歌手 Bjork、舒淇、蔡依林等藝人及雲門舞集的舞作打造服裝造型。


Chiu Chuang-Yong 邱創

Chiu Chuang-Yong, the original creator of stone art, has always aimed to carve out a unique form of stone language within the existing field of stone artistry. Using natural stone patterns from Yu Li Township in Hualien County, Taiwan, he utilizes the natural lines of the stones to do paintings. Over time, the application of the elemental essence of raw stones expanded to incorporate various other materials such as wood, ceramics, metal, and more. In 2006, the art form was officially named "Posi Art." Posi Art has a history spanning over 40 years since its inception in 1979, and its founder, Chiu Chuang-Yong, is a pioneer in this field. He has pushed the boundaries of stone artistry, and opened up new forms of artistic expression and styles.

For custom orders or collaboration, please contact:
璞石藝術原創者-邱創用,一直期盼在現有的石藝加工領域中,另闢有別於世俗的石頭語言形式,他利用花蓮縣玉里鎮產的天然石頭紋路加工成畫,因璞石元素的應用,後來逐漸擴展與木頭、石頭、陶瓷、金屬…等多元媒材融合之故,2006年之後將其改名為《璞石藝術》Posi Art。璞石藝術至1979發展至今,已有四十多年歷史,邱創用則是此領域的開拓者,將璞石畫創作推向更寬廣的創作視野,展開新型態的藝術特色與風格。


Season Collections

Textile Art 纖維藝術 康雅筑 x TANGTSUNGCHIEN 唐宗謙

All is material and material dominate all. In this series, we collaborated with Ya-Chu Kang, a multidisciplinary artist who works with various materials and disciplines. Fiber materials are our common language. Through the techniques of clothing design and visual narratives, we reinterpret the imagery and meaning of the artist’s past installation artworks. Fiber records our origin. We can understand the history, culture and social groups through textile creations and see them as a language to explore identity. With the accumulation of time and the repetitive actions of different hand weaving methods, the work combines woven tapes recycled by textile mills, discarded fibers, old sweaters and materials used in the artist’s past works, mixing them with new media. By reusing materials carrying life stories, we show that with no “limitation,” there is no “creation.” The close-fitting and neat clothing styles pair the original colors of threads. With diverse craftsmanship techniques, we create designs that are not extravagant and emphasize the continuity, possibilities and the openness of the materials, welcoming any interpretations. 一切皆為材質,材質主宰一切。這個系列與複合媒材跨領域藝術家康雅筑合作,纖維材料是我們的共同語言。透過服裝設計手法,訴說視覺故事,重新詮釋了藝術家過去的裝置藝術作品意象及意義。纖維為根源,從織品創作的角度理解我們的歷史、文化、社會群體,以此語言來探討身份認同。以時間積累、重複性動作的不同手工編織方法,將紡織廠回收織帶、廢棄纖維、舊毛衣、藝術家過去作品使用過的材料等等,混合加上新的媒材,將已經有過生命故事的材料再利用,沒有「限制」,就沒有「創造」。貼身俐落的服裝款式,將材質紗線的原色相互搭配,利用多元的工藝手法,做出不喧嘩的設計,以材料的延續性、可能性、開放性,自由詮釋。


The designer brand TANGTSUNGCHIEN was officially established in 2022. The style of the brand places a strong emphasis on tailoring and deconstruction, featuring bold and vibrant prints, meticulous attention to detail, a carefree sense of asymmetry, and a rich foundation in craftsmanship. The collections navigate the realms of tradition and contemporaneity, breaking free from cultural boundaries between East and West while embracing diversity and inclusivity. It functions as a creative studio that encompasses fashion, art, and home decor. The designer infuses his life experiences of both Taiwan and France into each collection, breaking away from traditional frameworks and introducing unexpected and playful elements. This injects new vitality into fashion and opens up new possibilities within the industry.

For custom orders or collaboration, please contact:
TANGTSUNGCHIEN 同名品牌於 2022 年正式成立,品牌風格注重剪裁與解構再造,印花色彩強烈,著重細節、灑脫的不對稱感及富含濃厚的工藝底蘊,系列遊走於傳統與當代,並打破東西方文化侷限及多元包容,是兼具時尚、藝術和居家裝飾的創意工作室。設計師將多年在台灣及法國的生活軌跡注入到每個系列中,打破傳統的框架,有著意想不到及充滿玩味元素,為時尚注入新的活力,賦予時尚更多的可能性。


Ya-Chu Kang 康雅筑

Ya-Chu Kang is a multidisciplinary artist who works with various materials and disciplines. She uses the trajectory of fiber weaving as a path for thinking, conducting field research, studying literature, and asking questions to locate her position in the present. Through this process, she gains an understanding of the uniqueness and differences in her cultural background.
Her artwork raises questions about issues such as globalization and the relationship between human beings and nature. It is based on the global history of textile culture and contemporary social behaviors, exploring the relationships between craftsmanship, physical labor, living conditions, migration, trade, and social structures. Kang’s work delves into the intricate interplay of these factors within the context of contemporary society.

For custom orders or collaboration, please contact:
康雅筑為複合媒材跨領域藝術家,以纖維織線的軌跡做為思考的路徑,透過田調、文獻與提問來找 尋立足當下的位置,進而回視自身文化背景的特殊性 與差異性來認識所處的當下。透過作品質疑全球化、 人與自然的關係等社會課題,以全球紡織文化史和當 代社會行為表象為基礎,探討工藝技能與身體勞動、 生活狀態、遷徙移動、經濟貿易與社會結構之間的關係。


Season Collections

Natural Dyeing 天然染 林潔怡 x UUIN

Welcome to the Botanist Series created by UUIN, where we will take you into a world filled with enchanting colors and the allure of plants. The collection draws inspiration from two foreign scientists who have had profound influences to Taiwanese botany, the French priest Urbain Jean Faurie and the Japanese botanist Bunzo Hayata, as well as the precious documents and plant specimens in TAI Herbarium, National Taiwan University.

In our clothing creations, we incorporate references to the two botanists’ images, transforming them into unique clothing silhouettes and styles. Through the special craft of botanical dyeing from the “Tati Workshop,” we bring the collected plants back to life on silk and wool fabrics, mixing them with functional materials to create one-of-a-kind and narrative-rich clothing.

The female botanist image of UUIN showcases the passion and reverence for the world of plants and the pursuit of natural beauty. Each garment radiates creativity and exquisite craftsmanship, inviting nature as well as the viewers to be part of fashion.

Let’s journey through time and space together and experience the charm of botany. Embark on your exploration and together with UUIN, let your unique natural beauty shine!
植物學家 Botanist

進入UUIN的植物學家系列,我們將帶您踏入一個充滿奇幻色彩和植物魅力的世界。 這個系列靈感源自於兩位對台灣植物學有著深遠影響的外國科學家 : 法籍神父佛里(Urbain Jean Faurie)和日籍植物分類學者早田文藏(Bunzo Hayata) ,以及臺大植物標本館中的珍貴文獻和植物標本。

在服裝創作中,我們融合了植物學家的形象參考,將其轉化為獨特的服裝輪廓與款式。 透過「大地工作坊」植物移染的特殊工藝技術,將採集後的植物重現在蠶絲與羊毛布料上,混搭機能布料創造出獨一無二且富有故事性的服裝。

UUIN的女植物學家形象展現了對植物世界的熱情與敬意,以及對自然美的追求。每件服裝都散發著創意和細膩的工藝,邀請您與大自然融入時尚之中。 讓我們一同穿越時空,感受植物學的魅力。開啟您的探索之旅,與UUIN一同綻放獨特的自然魅力!


UUIN incorporates culture into textiles and uses lifestyle as a pattern. Through a contemporary fashion perspective, it has developed aesthetically pleasing designs with artistic quality.

The name UUIN is a combination of the surnames of its founding members, symbolizing how each partner contributes their strengths and complements each other, creating a highly exquisite collective taste. UUIN has been nominated as a member of the Taipei Fashion Week for six consecutive years and has established long-term cross-industry collaborations with the culture, film, and entertainment industries. These collaborations include partnerships with groups such as U-Theatre, National Symphony Orchestra, National Taiwan Museum of Literature, Taipei Performing Arts Center, concerts by artists like A-Mei Zhang, Jolin Tsai, Jeannie Hsieh, Lin Chi-ling, and the Golden Melody Awards, among others.

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Jie-Yi Lin 林潔怡

Botanical dyeing artist Jie-Yi Lin is known for her exquisite works that have been showcased around the world. She has received recognition for her craft, including the Silver Award at the Natural Dye Culture Product Exhibition in South Korea. Her work has been selected for various international exhibitions and competitions, such as the Ninth Fiber Art Biennial in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the International Fiber Fashion Accessories Biennial in Spain, TALENTE 2010 in Munich, Germany, and the International Fiber Art Biennial from Lausanne to Beijing. Lin's talent and expertise in botanical dyeing have earned her acclaim on the global stage.

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植物染工藝藝術家-林潔怡,精湛的作品征戰 世界各地,而曾獲得大韓民國天然染色文化商 品大展銀獎,入選過美國新墨西哥阿布克奇第 九屆纖維藝術雙年展、西班牙國際纖維時尚配 件雙年賽、德國慕尼黑 TALENTE 2010、從 洛桑到北京國際纖維藝術雙年展等競賽。


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