Taipei Fashion Week AW22

The Everlasting Force of Sustainable Fashion

One of the most fascinating parts of fashion industry is that despite the whole world is currently stuck in pandemic, people are still able to appreciate the seasonal new pieces which fulfill their expectation and imagination. Taipei Fashion Week AW22 will be launched in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park this March. It is an extension of the tendency which introduced the first fashion week with the theme of sustainability in Asia last year. 2022 Taipei Fashion week will continue exploring the reason why the focus of fashion lovers is still about sustainable fashion.

When people have already seen the unlimited future of sustainable fashion in 2021 Taipei Fashion Week; it's time to look back why the textile industry and fashion designers are trying so hard to keep the initial intention of fashion sustainability, even though the current environment is full of dilemmas to overcome. The initial intention of fashion sustainability started with a simple idea of “the love of our nature”, and it was like a seed starting to root and grow in their hearts. This idea came to reality by creating colorful and stunning garments which are the endeavors of all the members in fashion industry. This tendency not only inspires consumers, but becomes expanding ripples to influence on other fashion cities. This synergy of fashion sustainability creates a butterfly effect of global fashion. Sustainable fashion won't be a one off trend, it will become a standard and benchmark of future fashion industry, particularly under the instruction of Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations. Taipei Fashion Week cultivates and explores the insight of sustainable fashion before other Asian countries, it indicates that people in Taiwan are not only passionate about the beauty of fashion, but have great concern of nature protection. Each year, Taipei Fashion Week highlights more and more about its 5 leading objectives, and they are “functionality” , “sustainability”, “transboundary”,“diversity” , and “humanities” .

There are 15 brands to be a part of Taipei Fashion Week AW22 Fashion Show, and it includes the new members: AISH, Daniel Wong, PROJECTbyH., and Yentity. The theme of the opening show is “Taipei Sustainable Collection”. However, when people give all the admiration and credit to the well-known designers on the runway, Taipei Fashion Week has noticed that “talents” are the seeds of supporting the development of sustainable fashion in Taiwan. The first “New Breed” show this year is a combination of 4 brands, and they are by.JarPingLiao, HORSE LAI, WEI.TZU-YUAN, and Xinyi Yu. These 4 brands did Young Talent Show last October and Taiwan Fashion Design Award. There are students from Shu-Te University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Shih Chien University, and Ling Tung University. will be participating in school runway shows this year. They are all strong candidates of being on the stage of New Breed next year, and they are going to transform into the force of sustainable fashion which is developing in Taipei, Taiwan. And this force will be everlasting like nature.